women in WWI aviation discussion was quite intriguing,

Dolgorukaya.the women in WWI aviation discussion was quite intriguing, but I must side with the sceptics. In the case of Germany, further evidence of the armed forces’ chauvinism can be found in the case of a Fraulein Riotte, who in the spring of 1914 successfuly completed all the requirements to become a bona fide airship pilot.The issue then came up at a meeting between government officials and representatives of the army and of the Zeppelin Co.pandora earrings (led by some fellow named Eckener.: ) at which it was decided that even though she had played it all by the rules there was no way that she could be admitted into the „fraternity.”The memo I found in the Bundesarchiv in Koblenz suggests that she was then offered „honorary” pilot status, but I do not know what her reaction was (certain events of summer 1914 likely put an end to any argument).The same goes for women on the French side.Up to WWI there was an aeronautical club named the „Stella” where, although most women got together and played along within the traditional boundaries of female activities (tea and crumpets; raise money for the valiant male aviators and the occasional ballooning picnic), several members including Marie Marvingt and Jane Herveu were daredevils of sorts (easily surpassing Melli Beese or the already departed Harriet Quimby).I found out from a couple of letters and newsletters of the time that when war broke out, while the club ceased activities, Marvingt and possibly Herveu, too, sought to establish a special air service to transport the wounded.

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