cheap jerseys Where genomic tests fall short is in figuring out your risk for the most common life threatening diseases


Hear speakers, do the Irish jig, see a leprechaun (as close to a real leprechaun as you’ll ever see), and be entertained by the absurd amount of enthusiasm the Notre Dame students and fans have for their team. Attend the midnight drum circle at the Golden Dome. This is a hidden gem, in my book.

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cheap jerseys Where genomic tests fall short is in figuring out your risk for the most common life threatening diseases, like coronary artery disease and type 2 diabetes, something that conventional medicine already does fairly well with simple blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol tests. Because these conditions arise from a complex combination of genetic and lifestyle factors, the „bad” genes that might turn up on the genomics panel might increase your lifetime risk for one of these killers by only, say, 1.3 times the national average, a risk that your doctor might tell you is easily offset by a healthy diet and regular exercise. „If you worried about type 2 diabetes and you 50 pounds overweight,” says Lawrence Brody, a top genetics researcher at the National Institutes of Health, „it would be crazy to fixate on that 1.3 figure. cheap jerseys

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